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Rental Vehicles and Auto Insurance in New York

Rental vehicles are used when you cannot use your car for some reason, and this happens when there is a car accident or you are renting a car for your vacation or excursion. Your auto insurance is part of this process. How does this work? For expert advice, reach out to L & S Agency Inc. serving Buffalo NY.  

Rental Vehicles and Auto Insurance: What You Need To Know

Renting a Vehicle and Having Insurance Coverage

You have rental car coverage if you have any automobile insurance policy legally in the state of New York if you have fewer than five vehicles and do not have only a truck. This type of vehicle does not include rental car coverage. 

Your policy would pay for any damages to the rental vehicle, even if the cost is higher than a $10,000 property damage liability limit, for example. 

Rental Reimbursement Insurance

If you have Rental Reimbursement insurance you would use this if there was damage to your vehicle and you needed to use alternate transportation during a repair or until your vehicle can be used, such as due to an auto accident. A different type of insurance, Comprehensive,  automatically gives you a rental car if your vehicle is stolen. This helps you not worry about driving while you and your agency are resolving your auto accident or vehicle theft problem.

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