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Are There Different Types of Umbrella Insurance?

Understanding and Choosing Umbrella Insurance in Buffalo, NY

Umbrella insurance extends coverage beyond the limits of other insurance policies, providing protection for expensive claims and lawsuits in Buffalo, NY. With L & S Agency Inc., we help you configure a suitable umbrella insurance policy that covers excess liabilities for potential high-risk activities.

Getting to Know the Common Risks Covered by Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella policies typically cover you against high-cost damages involving bodily injury, libel and slander, legal defense costs, tenants’ injuries, and property damage, particularly if you’re a landlord. For instance, if you often participate in youth sports coaching or hunting, you face the risk of a lawsuit for a major injury under your watch.

Other scenarios needing umbrella insurance include owning a pool or trampoline, a large dog, firearms, participating as a board member of a nonprofit organization, frequently hosting parties, or writing product or business reviews online. Therefore, it’s crucial to customize your policy based on specific risks that apply to you, outlining explicit scenarios covered alongside legal fee coverage, court costs, and when the umbrella policy will step in.

Securing the Right Policy

It’s essential to understand that homeowners who resort to umbrella policies for their properties can’t use the same policy for protecting their business, and vice versa. As a rule of thumb, umbrella coverage is highly recommended for public figures or those whose assets exceed the liability limits of their other insurance policies.

Let L & S Agency Inc., serving Buffalo, NY, help guide you toward securing a proper umbrella insurance policy. Reach out to our office today for a consultation.