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New York Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle riding can be fun and exciting until you are involved in an accident. Unlike cars, motorbikes expose your entire body to mother nature, and if you are not appropriately dressed or equipped with the right tools, you may be up for a tough ride. L & S Agency Inc. recommends buying motorcycle insurance that fits your needs and doesn’t need to dent your wallet. Here is a guide to help you achieve that.

Motorcycle insurance coverages

States requires motorists to carry the minimum liability coverage. That means that other types of coverages are optional but necessary. Remember, liability on its own cannot pay your medical bills when you’re injured. You need additional coverages to protect yourself and your bike. Some of the coverages include:

  • Motorcycle Collision coverage
  • Motorcycle comprehensive coverage
  • Liability insurance
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Motorcycle parts coverage

Factors that could affect your insurance costs

Your insurance company will ask you several questions about yourself and your motorcycle. The answers you provide determines your insurance premium costs. Some could raise while others could lower premiums. Your insurer would want to know details like:

  • Where you live and where you store your bike
  • Your driving record and age
  • The type of bike you ride—for instance, cruiser or sportbike
  • The age of the bike and number of miles

How much motorcycle insurance to buy?

If you answer every question correctly, your insurance company will determine your rates. From the above list, you can tell which coverages matter the most to you based on your lifestyle and how you use your bike. If you ride every day, you might consider buying more liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance.

Need more information about motorcycle insurance? L & S Agency Inc. is the company to contact. Our dedicated team of professionals can help you find a policy that matches your style, budget, and needs. Call us today.


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