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New York RV insurance coverage

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RV Insurance

A quality RV will offer you a safe way to get around the state and country while also providing a place where you can rest and sleep when not on the road. Similar to any other important asset, you need to have the right insurance in place if you are going to buy an RV. There are a few reasons why you should get a full RV insurance plan.

Protect Your RV

If you choose to purchase an RV, you will quickly find that it can be a big asset to invest in. With a full RV, you will need to spend money to acquire, maintain and repair it. With an RV insurance plan, you will be able to protect this investment. With collision and comprehensive coverage, you will have the protection needed to repair or replace the RV if it is damaged or stolen.

Liability Coverage

An RV owner will take on a unique liability risk that is not shared by those that have other vehicles. With an RV, you will have the standard auto liability risk that comes when operating any type of vehicle. At the same time, you will also take on liability risk if there is an accident in the RV when you are not on the road but have a guest over. With the right insurance, you can mitigate both of these risks.

RV owners clearly need to have proper insurance coverage in place. When you are looking for a new insurance plan in this area, it would be wise to contact L & S Agency Inc. The team with L & S Agency Inc. can help you carefully assess your needs when it comes to insurance coverage to ensure you choose an ideal plan for your situation.


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