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How The Winter Season Impacts Home Insurance

L & S Agency Inc. provides coverage to the Buffalo, NY community. We work with multiple carriers throughout the East Coast. This allows us to offer our clients an assortment of policies and coverage options. It’s important to us that our clients find a policy that aligns with their individual needs.

How Winter May Impact Home Insurance

Home insurance allows you to protect one of your most valuable assets. You are covered if your home suffers interior or exterior damage. All of your personal items are covered if they are stolen or damaged. Liability coverage is important, as you are covered if you cause damage to someone’s property or if someone is injured while visiting your property. Home insurance protects you in emergency situations.

Buffalo, NY is well known for its harsh winter conditions, which means that is a great time for you to review your home insurance policy. Winter storms and high winds can cause damage to your home. Check your pipes to make sure that they don’t freeze. If the pipes freeze, that can lead to extensive water damage and possible mold issues. It’s important that you take care of your home, as you are not covered for any issues that arise because of poor maintenance. You may have to amend your policy to cover hail damage. Hail has the potential to damage your roof and siding during the winter. It can also make things slippery, which is a potential liability issue. Make sure that your landscaping is in order before winter. Check your gutters and shutters to make sure they aren’t clogged. Try to cut any bushes around your home and nail anything loose.

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