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How Does Umbrella Insurance Work for Boats?

Buffalo, NY residents are not obligated to purchase umbrella insurance for their boat policies, yet many people choose to do so.

This is because there are many benefits to this financial investment:

At its most basic, umbrella insurance coverage is designed to work alongside existing policies in a particular area. For example, if you already have boat indemnification, an umbrella policy will extend past the limits of what your standard insurance offers. 

Typically, umbrella insurance will provide benefits once the initial policy’s limitations have been breached, as it typically has higher limits and can extend to situations outside the purview of other insurance. Your L & S Agency Inc. representative can discuss the specifics with you in greater detail.

Because a boat is a costly investment, your potential for damage can be higher than with other possessions. In addition, a collision with another vessel can create significant financial outlay in the form of medical bills and property damage. 

Buffalo, NY boat owners can also be involved in wrecks on land during times when their watercraft is involved in transport. Guests can injure themselves while on board, causing injuries in need of medical care. These can also lead to lawsuits to recover lost wages and medical expenses. 

Accidents can occur when young adult children or passengers decide to take the boat for a spin. Storms can threaten your property, as can theft or vandalism. Investing in an umbrella insurance policy when the stakes are high removes the risk that such expenses will come out of pocket. 

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