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Enjoying Spring in Buffalo? Make Sure You’re Covered!

At L & S Agency Inc., we know the feeling that winter goes on so long in Buffalo, NY, that spring might never come. It does every year without fail, and there are so many ways to celebrate.

Celebrating Spring in Buffalo, Safely!

It’s notably a time to get your home ready for spring activities, including preparing the yard for fun. If you have kids, you know this is when they’ll be bursting with pent-up winter energy and looking forward to play. Ball games, barbecues, parties, and even energetic activities like trampoline or bounce house games are all on the menu, especially if someone has a spring birthday.

The dog gets to play, too, and if your home is where kids hang out together, you’ll have guests frequently into the summertime. Without dampening the fun, we’d like to remind you that great home insurance is meant to cover accidents that happen for your peace of mind while you’re enjoying spring and summer activities.

Coverage Gets Specific for Certain Risks

The home insurance you select covers everyday life in Buffalo, NY in many ways, but some activities and situations need to be communicated for proper coverage. At L & S Agency Inc., we can help you reach out to your insurer and make sure you’re properly covered for dogs, trampolines, swimming pools, and other areas where the chances of a claim might be a bit higher.

It’s a practical matter that we take care of for many of our clients, tailoring policies for their family’s needs. If you’re concerned about higher levels of risk, we also offer umbrella policies that take liability a bit further when needed, just in case. The right insurance is a practical matter. Call us, then relax and enjoy!