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Do I Have to Purchase Home Insurance?

There are some people who think insurance in New York isn’t necessary, but that’s actually not the case. If you experience loss or damage through fire, smoke, theft, water damage, or an explosion, you’ll probably want to insure your furniture, clothes, and other possessions. L & S Agency Inc in Buffalo, NY is here to help answer your questions on this important insurance coverage.

Home Insurance: Why You Need This Coverage

If you don’t have home insurance, you’ll be responsible for paying for replacements on your own. 

Although home insurance isn’t required by law in the state of New York, it is required by mortgage lenders in order for you to acquire a loan. Mortgage companies also require that your homeowners’ insurance policy covers the full value of your property. Without proof of this coverage, the company will deny your loan application. 

Mortgage companies require home insurance for good reason. Unforeseen events can happen, and home insurance, which covers things like various natural disasters and personal liability, is there to provide you with financial protection in case any of these things happen. 

Home insurance policies can range from the most basic policies to more extensive ones, which include endorsements for further financial protection. 

With your home insurance policy, you can rest assured that your policy will cover your losses resulting from theft, a fire, water damage, smoke, or other unexpected event and that you won’t be placed in a position of financial jeopardy as a result of your losses. 

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