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4 Questions to Ask an Agent About Umbrella Insurance for Your Business

Are you about to get business umbrella insurance in the Buffalo, NY area? If so, you’d do well to talk to an agent at L & S Agency Inc. about any concerns and questions you may have. They’ll do their best to put your mind at ease. 

What coverage do I actually need? 

The size and value of your business operation will matter a great deal here. Brick-and-mortar storefronts have an added layer of risk, since having a larger number of customers around increases the chances that someone can have an accident or cause damage in your space. 

What’s the amount of coverage for each policy? 

You’ll want to be clear on what amount would be best for your particular situation. The more risk your company has or the more assets you’d like to have covered, the higher you should request for the coverage amount. Though you shouldn’t pay for more insurance than is necessary, it’s just as important to know that you’re adequately covered in the event of a lawsuit. 

When do I need umbrella insurance? 

Just because you have a smaller operation doesn’t mean that you should wait on purchasing umbrella insurance for it. You already likely have a basic commercial insurance policy, but looking into umbrella insurance for those extra areas which might be more at risk is a smart idea. Get the coverage now so that you don’t end up with any unpleasant surprises that can set your company back by a lot. 

Will I be able to afford umbrella insurance for my company? 

Think about this from a different perspective. Can you afford not to have the right amount of coverage for your business? An accident or some type of lawsuit can cost your company a ton of money if you don’t have proper insurance in place. It could be bad enough that you have to close your business. Even if this is only for a short while, why take that risk? 

At L & S Agency Inc. of the greater Buffalo, NY area, we’re happy to help you get the commercial umbrella insurance that will protect your business. Contact us today to set up an appointment and get started.